From aerial photos to sophisticated 3D mapping and search and rescue, people are discovering new uses for drones all the time as this fledgling industry evolves. Take a look at the list below and check out our What we offer page and talk to us and see what is possible. Or surprise us with a new challenge or creative idea!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Industrial survey, inspection and 3D mapping. Inspect inaccessible areas safely and at lower cost and risk to your teams. Save scaffolding costs and cover large areas quickly. Also indoor filming and inspection work of large buildings
  • Church roof, guttering and graveyard surveys – save money on expensive scaffolding and cherry pickers
  • Agricultural survey – monitor crop growth and quality or livestock whereabouts
  • Landscaping and property development – record progress in 2D and 3D, invaluable for project management and updating your business partners and investors
  • House and property surveys – save yourself potentially thousands of pounds with a roof and chimney inspection
  • Promote your hotel, restaurant, pub, sports ground or entertainment venue – is your business set in a beautiful location? Make the most of it with aerial photos
  • Selling your house – photos are now commonplace. Why not stand out to potential buyers with an aerial video?
  • Special events and weddings
  • Group, family and pet photos with a twist – great for sports teams too. Film your match from a grandstand perspective!
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Yachts – a drone can capture your vessel at sea, under sail. Or why not inspect your mast and rigging from the safety of the ground?

Drone photo of Brickhouse Vineyard in Devon

Talk to us about what you need  

Contact us to discuss your request with you by phone or in person. We’ll assess the proposed flying area and talk through what you would like to achieve. We will also identify if special permissions are required from landowners, authorities or air traffic control. We will give you an honest assessment of what is possible and a quote for the work.

How much will it cost? 

You will see from the variety of potential uses that each job will have its own special set of conditions and considerations and that thorough research and risk assessment are needed to get you the best possible photos and video from a safe and legal operation. The price will vary depending on the task, location, travel time and your end requirements, starting from £199 plus VAT for a basic package of photographs and short video clip produced locally. An average of around £300 would be representative.

To get the best possible results, drone filming requires some flexibility on all sides. As the filming day approaches, we will keep an eye on the advance forecast and, as a general rule, will reschedule at no cost to you if the weather looks like it will turn bad. Part of the assessment process will be to identify a range of times and dates convenient for you.

How do I get the pictures and videos?

We will set up a password-protected private gallery for you on our website, which you can access to view and download the photos and shorter videos. To protect your privacy it is designed not to be picked up by browsers such as Google. We understand the importance of data protection and confidentiality, and will agree with you how to store and process your photos and videos.

High-definition 4K video generates very large file sizes – if the file is too large to be downloaded easily and reasonably quickly, we will send a password-protected memory stick by registered post or courier. But you will always be able to view a copy of the video in your private page – we can also provide various versions of the same video suitable for mobile, YouTube, social media, presentations and other uses.

Flying Colours will provide you high-quality photos and edited video clips but does not claim to be Steven Spielberg. If you are looking for a more sophisticated final movie or video product, we are happy to work alongside a videographer or film producer to produce what they need. This is increasingly how professional wedding photographers are working, for example.

What drones do you use?

Flying Colours currently uses the DJI M200, a rugged weatherproof drone that allows us to operate all-year round in all but the worst conditions. It can carry very high quality standard cameras but also infra-red equipment for search and rescue, and specialist industrial inspection work.

DJI M200 all-weather drone

We also use the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, a proven design capable of producing 4K high-definition video and  20 MP photos. It can fly in reasonably high winds – up to 20 mph – and can stay airborne safely for up to 20 minutes at a time, but is limited to dry weather.

Are you insured? 

Yes. Flying Colours is a CAA-licensed drone operator with comprehensive public liability insurance provided by industry leader Coverdrone. We hope you will choose to work with us but, regardless, please always check the drone operator has the CAA Permit for Commercial Operations and public liability insurance needed to operate legally. This ensures you, your loved ones, your business, your property, and the public are protected.

Can a drone be used anywhere? Are there any restrictions?

Ultimately this boils down to operating safely. Drones are sophisticated aircraft operating in a tough environment – they demand professional standards and care to operate safely. The laws are clear and sensible, aimed at safeguarding you, your loved ones and the public – take a look at the CAA’s commonsense guide to drone operation to give you an idea of what is possible.

Flying Colours will always operate within the law and, equally importantly, will operate with consideration and courtesy to those affected by any drone operation – everyone needs to stay on good terms with their friends and neighbours. Weather, access to the flying area, and local concerns are also significant – all these factors, and more, will be considered.

If we cannot do a job safely or legally, we will not do it. But be assured that we will help you find ways to change the job to ensure it is safe and that you get what you need.