Flying Colours provides aerial and ground-based photography, filming and surveying  services to help you and your business, including high-quality 2D and 3D mapping by drone. Our drones can produce video up to the latest 4K high-definition standard and stills photos of 20 megapixels of sufficient quality for large electronic media images or prints.  Tell us what you need and we will advise what is possible.

Building and church inspection

Save money on expensive scaffolding and cherry pickers! A drone can produce high definition photos of roof, guttering and other areas, giving you a permanent record of your property. Drones can also be used to map graveyards, invaluable for assisting historical research or family tree enquiries.

Aerial photography and surveying

For a list of applications, potential projects and customer uses, click on the Uses for drones section. We can also produce very high definition photos and elevation surveys in 2D or 3D mapping your property, garden or project – invaluable for landscapers, property developers, estate agents or anyone needing a detailed digital map that far exceeds the quality of Google Earth.

Brickhouse Vineyard elevation survey
An elevation survey of Brickhouse Vineyard in Devon showing the rise and fall of the landscape
A 3D model of Brickhouse Vineyard in Devon
A 3D model of Brickhouse Vineyard in Devon
2D very high resolution drone aerial survey image
A very high resolution drone survey image of Brickhouse Vineyard in Devon

An invaluable option for farmers and landscapers is crop health monitoring. Images taken at regular intervals during a crop’s lifecycle will highlight areas that need more attention or watering. This aerial shot of a farm and vineyard shows the rows of vines with greater and lesser growth, for example.

Crop health monitoring
A crop health survey image

Ground based photography

We can provide high quality photos on the ground to complement aerial video footage, using full-frame Canon SLRs and L series professional lenses for excellent detail and resolution. Tell us what you need and we will give you an honest assessment of whether we can deliver or direct you to another photography specialist.

Brickhouse Vineyard near Exeter in Devon
Brickhouse Vineyard near Exeter in Devon

Working in partnership or as a sub-contractor

Are you a drone operator, wedding photographer or media consultant looking for another pair of hands to help, or to provide a more rounded service to clients and the unique perspectives that drones can offer? We are happy to work in partnership or as a sub-contractor. Talk to us and see how we can help you and make your client’s project even more successful.